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The Lotto Black Book »

In the Lottery Black Book the Oklahoma Professor Larry Blair unveils for the first time the incredible pattern he discovered in the winning numbers.

You will get goose bumps when you hear Larry Blair’s story! It took him eight years, vigilantly analyzing all winning numbers until he detected a pattern…
Larry Blair: “Can anyone win the lottery, you ask? Well … if I would have been asked this question ten years ago, I would have said that NO! It’ s impossible to win so often … but after I spent eight years …

The Lotto Black Book »

Larry Blair, the Oklahoma professor, has documented his whole story in Lotto Black Book. In the book, he unveils how he was able to develop this incredible simple but powerful lottery pattern that enables him to ‘predict’ the numbers almost every time. And how you can do the exact same by looking for certain patterns in past numbers. It’s incredibly easy! So easy, that Larry will give you twice your money back if you don’t win using his simple system.

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