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How To Pick The Winning Numbers At Pick 3 (Daily 3, Cash 3, Play 3)

How To Win Pick 3, Daily 3, Cash 3, Play 3

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Learning how to pick the winning lottery numbers for Pick 3/Daily 3/Cash 3/Play 3 is not too hard. This kind of lottery is by far the easiest to play and has favorable odds. Matching three numbers seems so easy that most people solely rely on luck or pick random numbers when they play it – however, this is not your best bet to pick the winners!

I used to think like that also and dumped hundreds and hundreds of dollars each month trying to win the daily Pick 3. I used my lucky numbers or just picked random numbers and constantly failed.

Finally, I found a great strategy on how to select my winning numbers. My Pick 3 numbers have won so many times I can’t even tell you. It is the best feeling in the world watching the daily numbers every night and seeing them win at least three times a week all thanks to a the lottery system I am using which is based on unmatched numbers. For those of you that don’t know what unmatched numbers are let me explain. There are 3 types of combinations which can be drawn from the Pick 3.

The first combination is unmatched numbers. These are numbers that consist of three numbers in which no number repeats itself. Examples of unmatched numbers are for example 043, 934, 931, etc… These are the numbers I am playing. Why? Because unmatched numbers account for 72% of all numbers and if played in box bet form (that means any combination will win regardless of the order in which these numbers appear) there are only 120 possible combinations.

Compare this to your chances of winning of 1:1,000 if you play the pick 3 without using unmatched numbers! As you can clearly see, a chance of 1:120 is a whole lot better than 1:1000. Take a look at your states Pick 3 (Daily 3/Cash 3/Play 3) drawings from last month. I guarantee you will see at least 22 out of 30 drawings resulting in unmatched numbers. They occur more frequently than double or triple number combinations.

In case you don’t know: double combinations are any combinations in which 2 numbers repeat themselves, for example 553, 808, 322, etc… Double combination occur roughly only 5 times out of 30 times per month.

Triple combinations are any combination in which all 3 numbers repeat themselves like 222, 444, etc. Triple combinations only occur  in 1 out of 99 drawings (which is roughly every 3 months). So don’t bother wasting your money with triple numbers.

In all, only play unmatched numbers as you have the best chance of winning. You are defying all lottery odds of winning by playing unmatched numbers. 3 number lotteries are the only games that actually give you a logical chance of winning and doesn’t take a miracle. I absolutely wish you the best of luck and please try unmatched numbers the next time you play!

PS: Here is the Lottery System that shows step by step how to win Pick 3 (Daily 3, Cash 3, Play 3)

Good luck!!

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