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How to Win Scratchers – Beat The Odds of Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

Many people think they know the secrets to win the scratch off lottery game, yet they have never won a jackpot. Why do you think that is? That truth is that almost no one knows the secrets to win the scratch off lottery game. All Scratch off lottery tickets have different odds. Some games have better odds than others. You need to find out what scratch off tickets have the better odds. Then you can stick to certain scratchers and ignore other scratch offs. So let’s start off with some basic scratcher secrets.

How To Win Scratchers

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The first thing you need to do is compare the odds of whatever game you are going to play. Make sure you compare only the scratchers of the same value. Therefore if you are playing a $5 scratcher, only compare the odds for $5 scratchers. Finding the odds for each game is easy. Most of the states have them posted on their website. The odds are also on the back of the scratcher. Now that you know all the odds, select the one with the best odds.

Now this tip alone will not win you the jackpot instantly but it will increase your odds of winning. And when you combine this secret along with all the other scratch off secrets, you will drastically increase your odds of winning the big jackpot for whatever scratcher you decide to play.

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