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How To Win Lotto – Is It Possible To Win The Lottery Guaranteed?

How many times did you check the winning numbers only to find that once again you did not win the lottery? Losing lotto SUCKS! If you are like most people who play lotto regularly, every now and then you will have a small win to offset some of what you have spent on your past tickets. Wouldn’t it be great if you found a winning lottery system that not only shows you how to win the lottery, but also how to repeat those wins every week… How to make a living from winning the lottery with small to medium amounts on a regular basis?

In order to be successful in winning the lottery, it is essential that you study the numbers and create a strategy to win the lotto. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you need to come up with any formulas! This work was already done for you. All you need to do is find a working lottery system that is tested and proven by other lottery winners and follow its strategy religiously every time you play the lotto.

So how can you find the best lottery system that shows you how to win the lottery guaranteed? Before you start, you need to know that nobody has a secret formula on how to hit the big jackpot! The odds of winning big are just too slim, and there is no way to change the odds. There are however countless ways to pick the lottery games with the best odds, and use these odds in your favor.

The secret to ‘How To Win The Lottery Guaranteed’ is to win small to medium amounts more often by increasing your odds of winning. Actually, this is exactly how the best lottery systems work: you play lotteries with smaller jackpots and the best lottery odds – the goal to win the lottery guaranteed is to consistently keep winning little to medium size lottery prizes. Envision your new life, if you found a lottery strategy that shows you how to win the lottery guaranteed, and the way to repeat small or medium winnings over and over again?

The truth is that all lottery players want to find out how to win the lottery, but most are too lazy to invest the time in researching which winning lottery systems really work and are used by lotto experts who have won the lottery more than once.

How To Win Lotto – Step #1: Play A Lottery With The Best Lottery Odds

Every serious player knows that lotto is not a game of luck – but of probabilities. Number experts have proven again and again that the best method of winning the lottery is to only play the lotteries with the best odds.

While the overall chances of winning any prize at Powerball are about 1:32, or 1:40 for Mega Millions, the odds of hitting the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot are a slim 1 to 175 million.

The odds are much better (although the prizes are much smaller!) for playing other lotteries, for example 3-digit lotteries such as Pick 3, Daily 3 or Daily Numbers. Each of their 1,000 numbers have an equal chance of winning, which means that the odds that one number straight will be drawn is much better with 1 to 1,000. (If you use a good lotto system, it will show you how to increase those odds in your favor!)

You can easily see that winning the lottery is all about odds, and that your chances of repeatedly winning small to medium prizes are much higher than to hit the big jackpot once. In other words, if you want to increase you odds and learn how to win the lottery guaranteed, it matters that you select one of the lotteries with the best odds of winning.

How To Win Lotto – Step #2: How To Pick Winning Lottery Numbers

Before you can make an informed decision on which lotto system is best for you to learn how to win the lottery guaranteed, you need to have some basic understanding about how to pick winning lottery numbers. Following are some fundamental lottery tips on who to pick winning numbers:

Odd/Even Numbers

Make sure you have a good mixture of odd and even numbers when you play. Statistically seen, it is a very rare occurance for a drawing to have only odd or only even numbers, or exactly 50% of both odd and even numbers. There is however a great 66% chance that the relation between odd and even numbers will either be 1/3 to 2/3 or 2/3 to 1/3. So you can increase your odds of picking the winning numbers by selecting one third of odd numbers and two thirds of even numbers, or the other way round.

Low/High Numbers

The same goes for the relation between low and high numbers. It is extremely unlikely for a drawing to have only low or only high numbers, or exactly half of each type. The odds are much higher that about 1/3 of the numbers are low and 2/3 high, or the other way round (2/3 low and 1/3 high), so select your numbers accordingly.

Number Groups

If you group the lottery numbers, e.g. in groups of tens, more often than not one or more of the a number groups will not be drawn. This means you should not spread your numbers out too evenly. Here is an example: If the winning numbers in a drawing were 3-11-17-23-41-46, there are no numbers of the 30′s group drawn. Therefore, never select all your numbers from the same number group, such as all 10s (e.g. 11-12-13-15-17-19), or all 20′s (21-23-25-27), etc. Also keep in mind that in the history of US Mega Millions or Powerball there were never 5 consecutive numbers drawn.

Last Digits

Another strategy to pick winning lottery numbers is to NOT play more than 3 numbers that end with the same digits, such as 9, 19, 29, 39, 49. More than three numbers ending at the same digits occur in less than 10% of all drawings. In nearly 90% of the drawings, you won’t find more than two winning numbers that have the same last digit.

How To Win Lotto – Step #3: Use A Lotto System That Works

There are many more little known secrets to increasing your odds of winning, finding hot numbers and picking winning numbers that only 1% of all lottery players know off and use. If you want to learn how to win the lottery guaranteed, you need to use the strategies of a good lotto system in your favor. Lotto experts like Ken Silver (Silver Lotto System) or Larry Blair (Lotto Black Book) and others have come up with an answer to all the hit and miss of playing the lottery. They have researched, analyzed and tested number patterns over a long period of time, using sophisticated mathematical formulas to compute and evaluate lottery systems that show you how to win lotto, how to increase your odds of winning the lottery, and how to pick winning numbers.

So how can you find a winning lottery system that is guaranteed to increase your odds of winning the lottery?

On this ‘How To Win Lotto’ website we have selected the best lottery systems and strategies with proven results. Learning how to win a lottery may be quite simple once you understand the odds associated with it, learn to spot hot numbers and pick the winning numbers.

Good luck!

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