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Maximize Your Chances of Winning Set For Life Scratchers

Set For Life California Scratchers

In order to win the Set For Life California scratchers game you have to have the winning combination on your ticket. Once you have hit the lottery, you are more than set for life. The easy part is all the cool things that you could buy. You could pay off debt or buy a new car or a house. The tough part is actually winning the lottery as the odds of winning are always against you. So you have to maximize your chances of winning.

If you don’t buy tickets, you have no chances of winning. Everyone else that has purchased a ticket has a better chance of winning than you if you have not purchased a ticket. In order to get the winning ticket you must play. All you can really do is play and hope that just once in your lifetime you will get a winning ticket.

Here are some tips before you buy your next Set For Life California scratchers lottery ticket:

Only Play if You Can Afford to Play

You should not spend the money that has an effect on the quality of your life. In other words, if you have other obligations that require money you should tend to them first. You may have to pay for rent, bills and food and this is money that you should not gamble with. You should only play if you have money to bet.

Buy Tickets Weekly

You will increase your chances of winning if you play your set for life ticket on a regular basis. If you buy one or two tickets per week, you are increasing your chances of winning. If you buy more tickets you increase your chances even more. It is important to play the lottery on a regular basis because it gives you more of an opportunity to win.

Set a Budget

The more tickets that you buy, the more of a chance you have to win, and likewise the more expensive it becomes. If you have $5 or $20 to spend weekly on the set for lottery by all means buy those tickets. You have to be consistent and stick to your budget. If you play $10 per week, in a year that is $520 spent on tickets. Keep in mind that a jackpot of millions of dollars is well worth the small weekly investment.

The coolest thing about Set For Life is that your non-winning ticket could win you $100,000 a year for 20 years.

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